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Property Finders Spain have a reliable partnership for Mortgage advice and application. They have teamed up with Independent Regulated Mortgage Advisors to give you a simple approach to getting a mortgage that suits your needs. A mortgage application should be top priority when looking for your new property, find out how much you have to spend on a property before you start your property search.

We can help arrange all types of mortgage and re-mortgages for all nationalities. Get a FREE no-obligation online consultation thanks to our working partnership with our partner and Mortgage Advisors.

There are many types of mortgage options available, we can offer up to 70% mortgages for non-residents and 80% for residents with variable and fixed rates from 0.95% to 3% and upto 30 years payback period.

We’ll tell you:
🔸If you qualify for a Spanish mortgage
🔸If you can get an Agreement in Principle
🔸What’s the best deal you can get
🔸Full costs breakdown

Most Spanish mortgages are usually have to be repaid by your 70th birthday but this is not set in stone, longer mortgages are obtainable.

Note that it is more tax efficient to have a property (and mortgage) in joint names here in Spain. Remember though that you cannot transfer ownership between spouses without liability to tax (e.g. unlike in the UK).

Please leave your details on the Contact Form in the right hand corner of this website or click the “CONTACT” Tab and an Advisor will get back to you.